Monday, February 11, 2013

The Blizzard of 2013 (aka Nemo)

After a snow-free winter last year and a relatively mild one so far, we were hit with a big one! Blizzard Nemo dumped about 27 inches of snow onto Boston and most of the state. The boys had never seen so much snow before, and we had a great time playing in it! On Saturday morning, we got the boys bundled up and all went outside. The snow was still coming down pretty fast, but the world was so white and the city sounds were muffled to a magical quiet and stillness. These are the moments when I especially love living in the city. There was a mandatory ban on driving, so the streets of the North End become pedestrian walkways and the crazy ones that were out on Saturday morning with us all smiled at each other and we kind of felt this camraderie. Now, the part I don't love about living in the city is digging out our car! THere is just nowhere to put the snow! Can't put it onto the sidewalk, and if you throw it onto the street, it will just get re-plowed onto your car. Alex and I spent about two hours shoveling out our car. Thank goodness for Auntie Jenny, who was over at our apartment watching the boys. It was a nice weekend, all hunkered down and cozy inside and then spending a few hours each day out in the snow. Our upstairs neighbors gave us an inflatable snow tube, so we had fun taking the boys for rides in the snow. When we were inside, Preston and I made up a game called "The Krill and the Whale." Preston pretended he was krill and I was the whale trying to eat him. And then it evolved to us both hiding on the "sea bed" (my bed) from the sharks. I liked it because it was an excuse to cuddle with him on the bed! He is such a little snuggler. I love that he is still little enough to hug me and to give me a kiss each time I ask for one. And to respond, "I love you too, Mommy" every time I tell him I love him (which is often). Nicholas is getting so big and is really starting to talk. He loves reading books and wearing hats (especially the straw one, which he thinks is a cowboy hat and says "hee haw" when he wears it). He wants to be big like Preston and loves to sit on his Elmo potty, but has yet to actually pee or poop. I've been trying to get the boys to tone it down with the football play, but they love it. Especially Preston. He loves Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens, and of course, Tom Brady and the Patriots. Sometimes he gets into trouble at school for tackling other boys, so I'm trying to discourage the football play at home, but it's like it's in their blood and they can help but tackle each other. Oh, life with boys...

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