Monday, February 11, 2013

Another snow day!

No school in Boston, so I took Preston with us to Nicholas' Sea Squirts Preview (baby fish school we call it) at the Aquarium. Miss Ashley was very happy to see Preston and it was fun to have both boys in the same class (a vision of things to come- I'm sure they'll be in many of the same activities, sports teams,etc). Pip was there, too, because Olive is also in the class. Those girls are so adorable and Meghan (their mom) and I are good friends, so it's fun when we all hang out together. After the class and a visit to the aquarium, we all went to Umberto's to get pizza. Olive is such a bright little girl and she asked everyone, "What do you wish for?" I was curious to what Preston would say and his response was, "I wish for a bee in my house." He had everyone at the table cracking up, and then he and Pip started saying funny answers. Preston said, "I wish I had one eye." And Pip said she wished for funny teeth. And then Preston took a straw and said it was a snake with wings. They were so adorable together and it made me really cherish the moment.

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