Monday, July 11, 2011

Sick baby

On July 4th weekend, Nicholas was very sick with a high fever and vomiting. Between Thursday evening and Saturday morning, we had made three trips to the ER at MGH. By our third visit on Saturday morning, they decided to admit him because his fever was not going down. He was poked and prodded (blood test, inserted IV, catheder for urine test, spinal tap)and all the tests came back negative for any signs of a bacterial infection. It was just a nasty virus, apparently. Nicholas and I got to stay in our own private room overlooking the city for Saturday night, and by Sunday afternoon, his fever has disappeared and he was no vomiting, so we were allowed to go home. Since then, he has been improving greatly. Thank goodness the worst has passed, it's so scary when they are that sick at such a young age!

"Get me out of here!"

He managed to smile even though he was feeling bad...

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