Monday, May 9, 2011

21 months

Time is flying by, and with baby #2 due in less than two weeks, I wanted to try and capture the essence of Preston at 21 months. He is an amazing little boy, whose personality is coming out leaps and bounds. He has started to put two or more words together and is becoming less of a baby and more of a little person, with his own thoughts and stories to tell. It's amazing to watch him learning so much each day and figuring out how to express himself.

Here are some things he is saying these days:

"Bye, bye mommy (daddy, Mimi, Grampy, etc)"

"Mimi, Grampy, house, kitty, doggies (across the street from M&G's house)"- he says this in the car as we are driving to Framingham. He knows the route by now and can tell when we are headed there.

",go,go,,run,run". This is his story of when we took him to watch the Boston Mararthon for the first time. A man running the marathon in a gorilla suit passed by Preston and the little guy was stunned to say the least. What was a giant monkey doing running a race? He also saw a man wearing a bit cat in the hat type of hat which also clearly made an impression on him! It's about a month later and he is still talking about that day.

"Beeg, beeg horseys. Beeg, beeg hats. Shong.." Preston watched the Royal Wedding with Mimi, Mommy, Auntie Lesley and Junko a few weeks ago. He loved the horses, all the big hats (especially the soldiers) and the songs that were sung in the church.

"Hat on head"- Mimi and Grampy bought him a Red Sox cap, which he loves to put on. Backwards, of course.

More words he can say-
nilp= milk
flower, color (he loves coloring), bus, people (loves the toy bus and people that go inside that Auntie Suzannah gave him), worm, ants, shark, turtle (loves taking a bath and playing with his toy turtle), swing (loves the swings at the park), walk (strollers are not a hit right now, wants to walk everywhere), waffle (his favorite breakfast food), foot, toes, leg, bed, ball, bat...

He still loves Elmo and also now loves Cookie Monster, Ernie, and Big Bird. He loves helmets and talks about them alot, especially when he sees them on TV while watching baseball or hockey. He loves playing sports and loves going to Mimi and Grampy's bc he has a t-ball set there and also a mini basketball hoop. He loves going to the park and looking for worms and ants and loves watching the doggies run around.

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