Wednesday, April 21, 2010

9 months old

Preston had his 9-month dr's appointment last week and believe it or not, he still weighs 20 pounds (same as at 6 months)!  I think he may have lost some weight due to his surgery.  That moves him down from the 95th% to 50th% for weight.  He is 28 inches long (50th%).  He is recovering well from surgery, despite a slight hiccup that found us in the emergency room on Monday, due to a high fever.  He was developing a skin infection at the wound area, but he's on antbiotics now and is feeling alot better. 

He continues to be a happy, outgoing little guy. He is trying his darndest to crawl, he will rock back and forth on all fours, but he seems a bit cautious about making the first move forward.  He gets himself around by pushing himself backwards.  He loves his new high chair and is good at eating finger foods. He loves puffs, rice cakes and chopped up bananas.  He just started clapping this week, which he loves to do at his music class. He's got seven teeth now, three on the bottom and four on top.  Teething did not seem to bother him at all, thankfully.  He's at a fun age and his little personality is really starting to come through. I truly look forward to getting him out of his crib every morning to see what adventures the new day has in store for us!

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Ali said...

Cutest picture!! Love the little hat he has on. Surely made by his Nana!